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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

House Photographs

The original footprint of the house has been maintained with few exceptions. A half bath and closet were added under the front stairs, the sunroom and bathroom were added. One widow was removed from the kitchen and is stored in an outbuilding.

The house has R-19 insulation in interior and exterior walls and in attic insulating the house from weather and sound. The original windows are approximately 9x3 feet with new storm windows and screens covering the original windows but not obstructing views.

Most of the rooms are approximately 20x20 and prior owners used the house with six or eight bedrooms; we've used it with four bedrooms.

This upstairs room was a sitting room with bedroom beside and used by the cook/housekeeper;  we've used it as a second office and now sitting room. Throughout the house, ceilings are nine feet high and the sun room ceiling is eight feet.

Bedroom, top of front stairs, with two windows and facing driveway. The iron bed is empty because the mattress and box springs were given away. 

Upstairs, former bedroom, now used as office and television room. 

Upstairs bedroom, front of house, over parlor. Another bedroom is upstairs, across the hall from this one.

Upstairs has 3 bedrooms, 2 offices, laundry room, bathroom and hallway with two windows.

Front of house, downstairs parlor, two windows.

Downstairs bedroom, across the hall from powder room, behind parlor. This door leads to back porch and room could be used as office with separate entrance; room also has a window. 

Downstairs has 1 bedroom, parlor, dining room, family room, kitchen, sun room, handicapped bathroom, pantry and mudroom.

Front porch, rear porch and sun room all have metal roofs and sun room has small porch facing head of valley.

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