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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Farm Photos

This partial view of the farm and house is across Cove Road or county road 608. Morris Knob, around 3400 feet, is the tallest mountain in the area. The Appalachians are some of the oldest mountains on earth, some say 300 to 500 million years. In comparison, the Himalayan Mountains are said to be 40 million years old. For more history on Tazewell County and the area, click here.

The Clinch Mountain Range circles the Cove and on the other side is the Jefferson National Forest. It's not unusual for the fog to spill over the mountain and, eventually, drift into the valley. 

The farm has a dedicated, approximately 9 acre hay meadow. There have been years we've gotten three cuttings but lately, I've opted for one cutting of 30 to 40 5x5 round bales that weigh about 1000-1100 pounds each. This hay has been used for horses, sheep, alpacas and cattle; what's not used on the farm is sold. During winter, animals are turned onto this pasture to graze; all pastures have access to water and three pastures have run-in shelter. 

The rear view of the house shows, from far left the white poplar sided studio, small brown garden shed, treated with water seal, and the roofs of the barn, garage and stable. 

The stables were sided in rough cut hemlock and, with the hand cut limestone foundation, should last another hundred years. There are five stalls inside and on building left is equipment storage in front and, in back, animal run-in shelter. On top, the hay loft is able to store a few thousand square bales of hay and on the right is more equipment storage and a run-in shelter. In the rear of this building are two small, fenced lots, both with water access. 

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