One half mile road frontage on state and county roads, no county zoning.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Farm and Land Photos

The farm's 27+ acres are across County Rt. 608 and are on the corner of State Rt 19 and County Rt 608. There is approximately 1/2 mile of road frontage on both roads; Morris Knob is in the background left, elevation approximately 3400 feet. Most of the land in this valley has been in the same family for many generations, some eight or nine generations. This farm has been owned by two families since the War Between the States. In the 1880's, Mr. Shadrach White bought the original brick house, barns, stables and other outbuildings plus a few thousand acres of land for $300.00 in back taxes. Yes, that's three hundred dollars! His family sold the farm to Mr. Gillespie, Dave's family on his mother's side, and in 1995 we bought the house, buildings and 27 1/3 acres.

Prior to Anglo's coming here, the valley was home to a Shawnee tribe; across the road from the house, the scorched earth of village fires are still visible. One of southwest Virginia's major Civil War battles was fought along State Rt 19, bordering the farm, and across the mountain to Saltville.

360 degree stellar views. The property line goes to the tree at edge of State Rt. 91, in the distance, to the right of the chicken house or garden shed. This building does have electrical lines. 

Front yard has mature Oak, Sugar Maple, Tamarack and Norwegian spruce trees.

On other side of wooden fence is County Rt. 608. Land across the road belongs to neighbors. The drilled well is 650 feet and delivers 75 GPM (gallons per minute). The drilling company believes they may have hit an artesian aquifer.

View from side yard includes two pastures belonging to farm and land beyond belonging to neighbors.

On left, house with sun room, 12 x 12 studio building with heat and a.c. to the rear and mature walnut tree on right. The mountains beyond are owned either by a neighbor or are part of the Jefferson National Forrest. Little Tumbling is across the mountain and is one of the top ten trout streams in the USA.

Photo taken February 2014 and includes two farm pastures and beyond, land belonging to neighbors. Clinch Mountain Range is on left and is part of Jefferson National Forrest.

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  1. I can only dream of ever owning a place like this. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also tranquil. I love the wide open spaces and really enjoy the history attached. I can only hope that everyone concerned is aware how blessed they are to be at this location. I am wondering what type of farming is done here?

    Greg Chapman @ Kelowna Business Brokers


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