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Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Farmhouse Kitchen

The stove is an original 1914 Acorn, refurbished into seven propane stove top burners and three electric ovens with a warming oven on the upper left side. David Erickson, near Boston, Mass., is the restorer and told me this stove was one of two in his known existence. At that time, the other was in a Colorado kitchen owned by Ralph Lauren.

The wood burning kitchen fireplace (propane stove removed) was re-built using slave made brick with a slab of wormy chestnut as mantle.

The birch kitchen cabinets, in an L shape with piano hinges, were hand crafted on site. A Welsh type cupboard takes up one wall (behind this end of table) with a 12 plate rack above the counter; some upper cabinets have glass fronts. A chef's pantry is on left side and a walk-in pantry with double sink behind the rocking chair.


  1. Do you mind if I ask why y'all have put your gorgeous property up for sale? If I could convince my husband to move there from Texas, I would in a heartbeat!

  2. This is beautiful. Love that stove and big farm eat in kitchen. Not many
    properties today have that History. Your price is good. Hope you get a nice Buyer.
    I sold the big house next door, the taxes doubled after husband passed. They
    would have taken my teeth if I didn't scream. Living next door I watched her rip up stone path (took me all summer to make) Chop down my 3 year old apple trees.
    After you sell never look back, your heart will break. yvonne


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