One half mile road frontage on state and county roads, no county zoning.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Farming Information

In upper pasture, a 60 foot round pen for working horses; Morris Knob is in distance. This meadow is used for making hay and grazing. Almost all interior fences are of cattle/hog 16 foot panels, posts at eight foot intervals and are extremely strong.

The farm has five pastures, three of which have had hay cut, kicked and baled in years past. The pasture above is the primary hay meadow and, from December until March is used for additional grazing.

The primary hay meadow, above, has timothy, clover, orchard grass, alfalfa.
All pastures have water and three have run-in shelter. Additionally, there are 2 small lots where round bales are stored, one lot with the livestock scales building and two more behind the granary.

There are 2 cattle chutes for working cattle, both with head locks and corporate made chemicals have not been used on the farm since 2010 meaning organic status could be obtained. 
~ farm map plat ~

The property has approximately 1/2 mile of road frontage both on Maiden Springs Road (state primary road Route 91) and on Cove Road (county secondary road Route 608).  Route 91, Maiden Springs Road, is unique in that it's the only primary dirt road in the entire Commonwealth of VA. The dirt portion goes across the mountain, to Little Tumbling Creek and Tannersville, VA.  The Little Tumbling has been listed as one of the top ten trout streams in the USA and comes out of Jefferson National Forest.

The farm is listed as agricultural use with the county authorities although there are no county zoning laws; 2015 taxes are $1,133.55.

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